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Welcome to our Wonderful Lamp Boutique & Art Gallery, all the work you'll find on our website is created by Phil Cook


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Phil Cook Designs Art Gallery

Welcome to Phil's Art Gallery, where you'll discover all work that's been created by Phil Cook, from stunning photography to digital art and everything in between. Phil does not give Ai the role of making these artworks, he produces them from the red wine to the art made from repuposing old crockery images, it's all from Phil's skills and imagination.

Phil also designs and creates his range of lamps, more of which you can see in his shop or by visiting his instagram feed ( @philcookdesigns )

If there's anything you'd like to know from prices and size to his making process...please get in touch via email, instagram or phone. you'll find the details at the bottom of the page.

Phil Cook Designs 2D art prints

Phil's 2D art spans photography & digital art, sometimes combining the both disciplines. You can choose to have the artwork printed onto a variety of substrates too, when making your purchase. We can go old skool and have the work printed onto beautiful paper stock or you can go the contemporary route and have the work printed onto Aluminium, which allows you to place the print in a wet environment, like a bathroom or kitchen, even an outside space (not in direct sunlight)

You've lots of options, all you need to do now is choose an artwork and get in touch. We'll help you choose a print method that suits your needs. 

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