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Unique Hand made, copper Christmas tree.

Unique Hand made, copper Christmas tree.

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Table top, copper christmas tree -


Designed and made by Phil Cook is his beautifully hand made, copper Christmas tree.


It comes with a gorgeous star shaped led bulb and dimmer switch. Every joint has been lovingly soldered by Phil, with attention to detail being key.


It stands 90cm tall and 45cm at the base and comes with a 2mtr long cable. PAT tested to uk specifications.


Delivery ca be made by me if you live within 50 miles of my workshop in Ellesmere Port or we can arrange for postal delivery. If you want this option please contact us to get a quote. Thanks



For the free standing tree option Phil adds recycled pedastal table legs, so you can place your tree, without the need for a table top or other surface. This adds height too and stands at over 6ft.


We also offer a 150yr old pitch pine beam base that the tree stands in. This allows you to place the tree on a table or similar and still have space for presents underneath.


For prices and options please contact Phil -

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