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Our beautiful hand made 'C' Design table lamp, is the perfect addition to any interior space. They're small and perfectly formed, they aren't heavy either, so your choice of where to put your lamp is vast. You can squeeze them on a small shelf or make them the focal point of the room, the choice is yours. 


Phil Cook's sustainable designs are built to last, and we offer bespoke options to make sure your lamp fits into your life for years to come. At some point in the future when you change your colour scheme again, you can send your lamp back to us and we'll change your lamp holder and cable colour to something more suitable. 


If this colour combination doesn't quite go with your colour scheme, get in touch with your ideas and we can get back to you with some choices, we think will work with your scheme. We don't charge extra, to make your lamp to order, so why not investigate your options, if you can't see a colour combo that grabs you.

'C' table lamp