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"It was a spur of the moment birthday gift to my son and Phil was under pressure to get this done in a very short time. The results speak for themselves and I recall my son, with a tear in his eye, visibly moved at the likeness of his beloved dog.

is work speaks for itself ... What can I say, it's Bear. Thank you Phil Cook"

Jennifer Kokany / Australia


“Wow!!! You’ve finished Sylvie’s portrait, it’s wow oh wow. I hope you’re happy and proud of it!!  I love it.  You've captured her dreaming look  she gets as soon as she lies down alongside me. She’s incredible, you have such patience. She just pops off the page and my hands never looked that good ever!

Thank You Phil”

Mrs. Worth

Commissioning Process

1. At this early stage I would very much appreciate seeing your photos, that you'd like me to paint from. This will allow me to determine whether your photos are good to use. You can either email them to me or pop them in the post. When selecting your photos please view as large as you can, so you can see if the eyes and nose are in focus and sharp. If you took the photo with older technology it's common to have movement (camera shake) or the subject is not in focus but the background is, this is due to the camera not focusing in the right place) 

I can still paint from these, so its not a disaster, but it will have an impact on the price.

2. After I have confirmed your photos are good to use, we can discuss the details of your portrait, for example, your background requirements, completion date and any additional fine art prints that may be needed, for family members, presents etc.

3. Once we have organised the details, I will require a 50%  of the commission fee, which you can pay via cash/cheque/paypal/direct bank transfer. 

Please let me know how you'd prefer to pay and I can forward the relevant information.

4. I will start your portrait, once I have received the agreed 50% as cleared funds. Depending on my diary, I will endeavour to get an email to you within a week to 10 days. This is so you can see the progress of your portrait and make any changes you feel are needed at this stage.

5. Once I feel I've completed your painting, I will email you for final approval. At this stage I can make any tweaks you feel are needed. 

Then once you are happy, I will require the remainder of the fee, plus any delivery charges. If you would prefer me to deliver your portrait, I can do this for a pre-arranged fee.


I look forward to painting your commission and giving you a portrait that will last a life time and beyond.


                                                                                                                       For more detail please get in touch thanks Phil

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