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Hanging Upcycled Bottle Lamp

Hanging Upcycled Bottle Lamp

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- Beautifully Unique, Space enhancing, Upcycled bottle lamps. 
- We use a variety of recycled bottles, from wine to prosecco and cut them by hand, ourselves. They come in Green, Dark Olive % Clear Glass.
- PAT tested to UK specifications


Bottle Colour

- If the colour of the bottle is important to you, please contact us to see what stock we have available to dispatch. We might have the colour you prefer. If we don't, we can make it for you. This will affect the despatch time by a week. Please contact us for more information.



Please see the photos of the bulbs we stock and make your choice from there. It is worth mentioning that if you're hanging your bottle lamp against a wall of similar, we suggest using an LED bulb as they do not get hot. If you choose the incandescent squirrel cage bulb, this will get too hot to touch with your hand, so  might affect whatever it is touching. The incandescdent bulb uses a lot more electric too.


If you have any queries about your order, please don't hesitate and get in touch.


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